Our Purpose

  • Establish a multidisciplinary PPC nerve center to serve as a repository and the first port of call for information on ongoing PPE/PPCs in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Initiate, collaborate on, and lead analyses, research and evaluations to generate locally relevant evidence on PPE and PPCs, including developing novel research and evaluation methods that recognize the sensitive and contested nature of PPCs and blurred boundaries between science and implementation of PPCs

  • Establish a capacity building center with PPE and PPC training programs tailored for actors at different levels/capacities (from senior leadership to frontline staff at public and private sectors).

  • Learn from, and, seek out innovative ideas on PPE and PPCs beyond Africa and synthesizing these to generate locally relevant application. Work will include examining models applied across high-income countries (e.g. impact bonds) and analyzing them based on local contexts, to predict how they would work here if taken up.

  • Drive and shape discourse on health PPCs to trigger an ideological shift. This will include promoting public knowledge through dissemination and information exchange events.

  • Provide PPC identification, screening, project preparation and project transaction advisory services to contracting authorities and private entities wishing to engage in PPCs.

Meet Our Team

The PHENCES Hub will be overseen by a non-executive advisory body drawn from academia, government, private sector, non-governmental organizations, development partners and the public.

 Francis Wafula
Francis WafulaTeam Lead
Brenda Wambani
Brenda WambaniHead of Administration and Hub Coordinator
Dr. Noelle Orata
Dr. Noelle OrataClinical systems Engagement Specialist
Dr. Elizabeth Gitau
Dr. Elizabeth GitauHealth Systems & Management Specialist
Dr. Peter Nguhiu
Dr. Peter NguhiuSenior Analyst
Dr. Lyndon Marani
Dr. Lyndon MaraniDirector Operations, Senior Partnership & Engagement Specialist
Paul Waswa
Paul WaswaAnalyst
Eric Tama
Eric TamaHealth Economist & Financing Specialist
Annette Murunga
Annette MurungaProgram Management
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist

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